Yahoo Caters with the Free Slot Machine Games

Yahoo has been an online service provider since the mid-nineties. With the advent of Yahoo Games, the audience of yahoo clearly multiplied if not quadrupled. More and more people enjoy the online games and free download. With the free yahoo slot machine game, the provider was able to cater to a wider range of audience. This yahoo slot machine game enables the user to play a game they can only encounter in the casinos.

Let us take a look at how the yahoo slot machine game works, if it really comes for free, or if it is not really worth your time. There are different games that come either for free, although you have to play them online, or that are downloadable but only come as trial versions. There are also different versions of a yahoo slot machine game. The free trial versions are usually the games with good graphics, better audio and longer lasting fun when it comes to the game play.

There are a gazillion games under yahoo that includes a yahoo slot machine game. These game are usually collections such as "Spin and Win," or "Slingo," which are games revolving around mini-games and little casino games. The latter of the two is an interesting combination between slot machines and bingo and definitely worth a try since it is a free download. These two games also have very good reviews and usually get four out of five stars in user rating, so these two are worth a try, but remember that these are only trial versions.

The yahoo games page does not seem to have an online variety of their yahoo slot machine game, yet they have a bigger platform when it comes to the free downloads they provide. They also have the free casino games to offer as downloads and these simulate the casino environment and its games including our favorite slot machine. One of these so-called casino games is called "Casino Island," and its average rating is soaring high, with a rate of five over five.

Let us now focus on the latter yahoo slot machine game that can be found in Casino Island. The casino island game has many different typical casino games such as roulette, poker and of course the slot machine. The games interface is easy to handle and the graphics promise a lot of fun. The free trial period unfortunately is just way too short in order for one to fully appreciate the game. There are so many varieties and options in this game. If you are interested in buying the product after the free trial version, you could do so in yahoo games as well.