Slots Advice: Where to Avoid Slots

Slots will get you everywhere. We're all suckers for slot machines and that's just a fact of life. *sigh* If only you could have an X-ray or psychic ability to see into a Random Number Generator and know which millisecond the next jackpot will hit. But until then, use these tips to save yourself from trouble with slots. Slots are seductive and they are fun to play. But there places when you should avoid them. Here are some guidelines:

Where to Avoid Slots

You want to avoid slots where you know they are going to be tight. Tight means the slots will pay out less often. Know that you cannot tell if slots are tight just by playing a few times. Tightness or looseness is felt or seen in the long term; in short term, tight slots may appear loose and loose slots may appear tight due to the mechanics of random number generation.

But there are instances when you just know the slots are tight. Slots are tight in:

- Places that don't need a lot of money from slots.

Non-casino sites such as restaurants, waiting rooms and bars will not install loose slots. They don't need to attract a lot of players to the slots since it's not their primary source of revenue. Casinos on the other hand, get about 70% of their income from slots! So it is natural that slots will be looser in casinos than other places.

- Prominent land-based casinos.

Here we mean top casinos in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Macau and other gambling centers of the world. Because these casinos are already leading in their business, they don't need to offer high-paying slots to attract more customers. It is just the opposite with smaller casinos: they often have more generous slots to draw more people to them.

- Non-competitive areas.

Similar to the one given above. If a casino is located in an area where competition is weak, it has no need to pay out more to the players. Avoid these casinos since the slots here are tighter.

- Casinos that do not advertise specific slots with high payback percentages.

You want a casino to state clearly that they have specific slots with high payback percentage. Avoid casinos where vague statements like "Up to 98% payback."

- Corners and places in the casino that are hidden from view.

Slots found in these areas are usually tight. Why? First, if someone wins a jackpot in a corner, few people are going to see it. The casinos want you to think they give away lots of money so they'll take every opportunity to show off its winning players.

Second, nobody will play in a place hidden from view unless the casino was full. When you enter a slots area with few people in it, your tendency is to go to a machine somewhere in the middle. Only when the area is packed will you be forced to go to any free slot. By then the casino won't be in the mood to be generous with you since it's already paying to a lot of other players.

With these tips, you should be spare yourself from a great deal of trouble and wasted money. Don't get us wrong. Slots are one of the best kinds of entertainment. By all means play them - in the right places!