The Slot Machine: Beating the Odds against the One-Armed Bandit

The one-armed bandit has strike again! People are losing money from this felon; some of them are in the brink of bankruptcy! Wanted somebody to neutralize this bandit, is it you?

These scripts are not dialogues from an action movie but the likelihood of a player losing to a slot machine. Slot machines are unceremoniously called the one-armed bandit because of its customary structure. These machines have the tendency to bust players with their money and finances.

Slot machines are traditional gaming machines found in casinos and entertainment locations operated by coins or token. These machines have different labels such as fruit machine (English) or poker machine (Australian). Advanced computer technology made it possible to have a virtual slot machine sans the lever or arm used in commencing the play, but otherwise, a touch screen to operate it.

Revenues from casinos derive 70% of it from these machines and most gamblers find it very easy and a convenient way to win bets. However, if misfortunes strike, the casino will have a heyday collecting their money.

Casinos offer different types of slot machines such as the traditional mechanical slot machine and video poker machine. These machines offer numerous numbers of hands a player can play on a certain period of time.

Mechanical slot machines have simple game mechanics as compared to card games or other casino games. A player will only drop a coin to operate the machine and afterward pull a lever or push a button to initiate the game. Reels (usually 3 or 4 of it) with simple symbols or pictures on it, such as bells, fruits, diamonds and other recognizable images, will spin for a moment of time and stop on the different reels displayed for the players. Different reel combinations will pay out certain amount of coins as prize for the players or some freebies such as extra play. But the ultimate goal is to match all the printed reels in order to get the jackpot. Chances of matching the same reels are very remote. Players will have to contend playing all over again to try hitting the jackpot or earning some cash out of the different combinations set by the casino.

Video poker machines have basically the same dynamics as a mechanical slot machine will offer. The only difference between the two machines is in the manner of displaying the winning reel combinations. Video themes and graphics are showed in video screens that make the former popular among gamblers with the added music played to entice players to play these casino machines. The outcome of the combinations are done electronically and programmed based on the influence of the casino management.

Slot machines are too addictive to play for players who believe that their skills and ability made a lot of difference in winning over these machines and getting the payoffs. In reality, these machines only create false impression of winning and collecting bigger payoffs or prizes from the casino. Beating the one-armed bandit takes a lot of luck to beat the machine in its own game.