Zig Zag at Slots

The Zig Zag method of winning at slot machines is a system that has been played up as the system to beat all systems.

Like many slot machine myths, the system promises the player the opportunity to win the jackpot very quickly. Most people who sell the system to other people persuade the player that the house edge can be beat very easily. Many people are coned and duped by this premise because the house edge or advantage is a mathematical certainty that cannot be surmounted.

The term zigzag was coined for the system since it describes the pattern of symbols that players have to look for in order to know if the machine is ready to pay out. The players look for the symbols in a zig-zag pattern.

The system first requires a player to study several slot machines before playing. The player then picks the machine which they think is ready to pay off.

Zig Zag in action

The Zig Zag method requires players to look for machines that display certain reel patterns. If the same winning symbol shows up on all three reels, the machine is "hot" and is supposedly ready to pay out a jackpot.

In the technique, players are always advised to look for multiple symbols that appear at the same time. This is the main element to look for.

For example, in playing a three reel machine, one sees all 3 three-bar symbols on display, the machine could be a winner. If 2 three-bar symbols are on the payline and the third symbol is showing, then a classic zig zag pattern is made. The zig zag experts claim that the symbols will eventually line up and players should keep on playing until a match or win is made.

The zig zag patterns can be the standard horizontal pattern or the v-pattern that involves a diagonal line from the top right to the bottom left or vice versa.

The best zig zag pattern is the "diamond". This pattern requires the same symbol to appear on the payline of the first and third reel, and a matching symbol either above the payline or below it. When looking at it, it forms the shape of a diamond.

Zig zag experts say that eventually the symbols will align themselves along the payline or above or below them but it is supposed to dramatically increase the chances of winning.

Why It Doesn't Work

Many legitimate gambling writers and casino technicians are the first to state that the method does not simply work. They attribute this to the computer chip inside each machine that constantly churns out random symbol or number combinations every second. Each spin of the reel is completely separate from the others and does not mean all symbols would align soon.

The zig zag method does not increase the players winning chances but it could be a factor in how one plays. For players that would like to adopt a system, whether it winds or not, may choose this one to follow in the meantime.

With this in mind, it is really up to the player to select their game of choce. If players want excitement and small winds, a low jackpot machine is the right choice. If patience and the big one is the goal, try the progressive jackpots and stick to it.