Myths About Slot Machines

Do you think it makes any difference how many coins you play on a slot machine? Do you think your odds improve if you've made the maximum coin bet?

Your feelings are normal enough. The fact is, unless extra coins are required to buy into extra paylines (that a single coin won't activate), the odds are the same for single coin, or multiple coin bets.

There are superstitions and myths surrounding slot machine play. Here are a few:

Myth: Players think that slot machines that have not hit for quite some time are due to hit soon. Fact: There was never, in the history of slot machines, a machine that is due to give a payout. What the player sees on the combination of reels is identified by a program that is called "random number generator". It is a continuous flow of numbers out of the machine that corresponds to a reel combination.

This means that the last outcome on the machine does not affect the outcome of the next spin. If a specific machine is programmed to hit the jackpot with an average of once in every 10,000 spins, the player has a ratio of 1 to 10,000 chance to hit the jackpot.

Myth: After the jackpot, the machine will not payout for a long period, to make up for the last payout. Fact: Players often believe that the machine will turn cold after the jackpot has been won. Slot machines will continue in the same fashion whether or not a jackpot is hit. The jackpot just mixes into the millions of spins on a slot machine; with a jackpot total of 10,000 coins, this specific slot machine is programmed to give payout to about 95%. If we hit the jackpot on the first pull, the next payout on the next 999,999 spins will drop to 94.7%. Even after the jackpot has been hit, the results will continue in random. A slot machine will always have cold and hot streaks.

Myth: If the player bet with only one coin he has more chances of winning the combinations. Fact: In point of fact, the slot machine does not know how many coins the player bet; even the random number generator does not have a program to know how many coins the player drops in the machine. The winning hit percentage will stay the same. The winning combination does not depend on the number of coins that the player wagers.

Myth: To reward a loyal player the casino operator can "hit the jackpot" at anytime they wish to. Fact: Yes it is true that casino operators will do anything for their loyal players, but this does not include giving away a jackpot. This idea is untrue; the casino operator cannot control any jackpot button on any casino games, especially on slot machines.