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Slots Advice
24 March, 2008

Where are tight slot machines? Avoid slots in non-competitive areas, casinos on the Strip, restaurants and casinos that don't advertise specific payback percentages. ...more

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Zig Zag at Slots
30 November, 2007

Many experts endorse the Zig Zag method at slots. Many people do not realize that the system is a hoax and should be avoided. It can be used as a starting point for those new to slots. ...more

The History of Slot Machines

Slot Machines were invented by Charles Fey in 1895. His slot machine was a three slot clunker that was operated by a handle on the side, and payed out according to pictures of fruit on the slots. At first it was just a game that customers played while they waited for their cars to be fixed in his garage. In time however, his machine became more popular.

When he decided to sell his machine it was at first rejected by the major manufacturers with the reason that it was still imperfected. Fey returned to his garage with his slot machine and started to work on it ands to improve it, with the desire to sell it. Improve it he did and the machine was soon sold and began to be manufactured. Many casinos bought the machines, to make a filler for when the tables with the “real games” were full. However, they soon realized that the machines were gaining in popularity and started buying more and more machines .

The rest is history. Slot machines have become the most popular game in the casino and there are rooms full of slot machines. Some casinos have as many as five thousand slot machines.

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Benefits of Being a VIP at Cab...
By becoming a VIP member of the Cabaret Club Casino, players get rewarded nicely.

Ohio Officials and Racing Trac...
Ohio leaders and racing tracks are hoping to get slot machines operational quicker than Pennsylvania. Gov. Strickland predicts more than $900 million of gaming revenue from slot machines.

Lottery Commission and Camptow...
The Kansas Lottery Commission and the Camptown racing track failed to reach a final agreement on the slot machines. Camptown Racing track stopped their renovations for the meantime.

Gov. O'Malleys Slots Solution ...
Despite the criticism about the slots plan of Gov. OMalley by some sectors, the budget deficit problem needs to be solve. State officials can increase taxes if they do not want the slots plan.

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